Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Special Kind Of Dumb

  • Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau says you have to be “a special kind of dumb” to believe the QAnon conspiracy theory that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is secretly working with President Trump.
  • Right-wing attorney Larry Klayman announces that he will start convening “citizens’ grand juries” in Texas next month with the intention of indicting and arresting Mueller.
  • Jack Posobiec says he contacted Klowd TV, which also hosts the pro-Trump propaganda news station One America News, and convinced the company to host Infowars.
  • Anti-LGBTQ activist Robert Oscar Lopez offers advice on how the church should respond to LGBTQ issues which includes the following: never apologize, never seek dialogue, and always remember that “homosexual relationships never involve love. They are perversions.”
  • Infowars is warning today that the suspension of its platforms on social media is proof that China is regulating speech in America.
  • Failed neo-Nazi candidate for Senate Patrick Little has released a disturbing robocall announcing his intention to travel to Sandpoint, Idaho, for the purpose of “fighting off the nation-wrecking plans of leftists – and their Jewish controllers who aim to ruin our people forever.”
  • Finally, Religious Right activist Eugene Delgaudio and his Public Advocate crew will be out in front of the Supreme Court tomorrow singing a terrible parody song about the need to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.