Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Show of Force

  • Right-wing pastor Allen Mashburn is close friends with North Carolina’s Christian nationalist Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and with Robinson now running for governor, Mashburn is running for lieutenant governor because Robinson is going to need someone to “stand with [him] and stand strong”: “We have to formulate a show of force.”
  • Nick Fuentes reiterates his hatred for those in poverty: “Fuck the poor.”
  • We have debunked the claim that the Founding Fathers quoted the Bible, specifically the book of Deuteronomy, more than any other book multiple times, but that isn’t going to stop Charlie Kirk from repeating it.
  • Stew Peters really can’t wait to start killing people, declaring that it’s time for Americans to prove that they’re willing to shed blood just like the Founders did: “I’m so tired of talking about it. It’s time that we do something about it.”
  • Finally, we are getting the impression that Christian nationalist Jason Rapert might not be a fan of our work: “What you’re doing is of the devil and in the name of Jesus, we come against every lie you try to put out.”