Charlie Kirk Says Millions of Americans Are Having an ‘Existential Crisis’ And Could Be ‘Red Pilled’

Christian nationalist pastor Rob McCoy hosted a “Freedom Night In America’” event Tuesday night at his Godspeak Calvary Chapel church in Newbury Park, California, featuring Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk. McCoy has played a significant role in the once-secular activist Kirk’s embrace of Christian nationalism and his launch of the “lavishly funded” Turning Point Faith.

The event consisted entirely of McCoy and Kirk sitting on stage while Kirk rambled endlessly for an hour and a half about a variety of topics, including his belief that the current political and social environment is creating an “existential crisis” for millions of people, making them susceptible to “taking the red pill” and becoming Christians and conservatives.

“I kid you not, there is a moment that can happen where people have an existential crisis, and it’s happening right now in America,” Kirk declared. “This is not a joke. It’s a serious psychological problem. It is where millions of people right now who have been three times boosted, double mask-wearing, done everything they said they’re going to do, they still get the [COVID-19] virus, and they are asking themselves, basically, ‘Where is my place in the universe? I thought that if I followed the instructions of the Leviathan, I would get something in return.'”

“We need to be there for those people,” he continued. “I mean that non-sarcastically. [We need to] slowly show them that there is a whole world out here of the laws of nature, and there is the Gospel, and there is a God, and [Dr. Anthony] Fauci is not that person. You’re seeing that, and it’s best manifested in the collective kind of freak out of every person on cable television. They don’t know what to do, and that’s also because they’ve used their tyranny of you and their bullying of you as this kind of open-air kind of therapy exercise because they have such unsettled problems in their own soul that they’d rather torture you than actually go find salvation themselves. I’m not kidding. It really is that dark. It is.”