Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Shopping Network For All Of Your End Times Needs

  • Jim Bakker now has his own 24-hour-a-day End Times survival shopping network.
  • Rick Wiles blames “the synagogue of Satan” (i.e., the Jews) for ruining the new national Museum of the Bible.
  • Robert Maginnis stands by his contention that Hillary Clinton is a Luciferian psychopath.
  • Tomi Lahren, Corey Lewandowski, and former NFL running back Ray Rice, who once beat his girlfriend unconscious, are among the scheduled convocation speakers at Liberty University’s this semester.
  • Scott Lively thinks that allegations against Roy Moore were orchestrated by the Clintons as part of a devious plan to regain control over the Democratic Party: “The Clintons also command a vast army of ‘new feminists,’ primed to wage cultural guerrilla warfare in pursuit of matriarchal power: zealots whose ethics are so compromised by their embrace of child-murder and the LGBT agenda that bearing false witness in furtherance of election fraud is easily justified.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire says that Roy Moore is a modern-day Atticus Finch.