Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God Will Vindicate Roy Moore

  • Scott Lively says that “Judge Roy Moore is the victim of a witch hunt the likes of which we haven’t seen since Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.”
  • Joy Overbeck doesn’t believe the allegations against Moore and says that “if Moore did this unsavory thing, for which there is no actual proof, only he said/she said, he was a Democrat at the time; he didn’t become a Republican until 1992. Hmmm.”
  • Kurt Schlichter defends Moore by insisting that “basically the Democrat Party is a Duke lacrosse team that actually did it.”
  • Gary Bauer tells conservatives to be careful about demanding that Sen. Al Franken resign from office “because there’s already a movement afoot in Minnesota that if he is forced to resign, to replace him with Congressman Keith Ellison, who would be the first Muslim senator, and who has a long record – not of sexual harassment, but of being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic … and a follower of Malcolm X and the whole black Muslim movement.”
  • Ann Coulter wishes that “maybe we could just put Trump in charge of tweeting and let Stephen Miller run the country.”
  • Finally, Mary Colbert claims that God told her directly that He will vindicate Roy Moore.