Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Questionable Constitutional Power

  • Mark Meckler and Robert Natelson insist that the Texas state government has the right under the Constitution to invade Mexico in order to fight drug cartels and secure the border.
  • James Linzey had a dream that was apparently so prophetically significant that he had to issue a press release about it.
  • Antisemitic far-right activist Ryan Sánchez says that “you can’t be a Christian and be a friend of they who had Him crucified.”
  • Fellow antisemite Andrew Torba echoes the sentiment: “If you cannot affirm that the Jews killed Jesus, then you reject the Word of God and thereby deny Christ Himself.”
  • Finally, Isabella Moody reveals that she is waiting until her husband gives her permission to reactivate her social media accounts after she shut them down in the wake of going viral for all the wrong reasons.
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