Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘We Are the Christian Taliban’

  • Mark Taylor warns that the “deep state” is “training False Profits and Pastors”: “It’s a Spiritual Coup against the King as well as we the people! High level Psychics disguised as Godly Prophets!”
  • David Barton is excited that Christian nationalists can “start taking back some of the culture” in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent school prayer ruling by allowing teachers to “start reading a Bible in the classroom.”
  • Patrick Howley gripes that “America in 2022 is a ‘Frogger’ game in which White men try to avoid mobs of violent blacks and Mexicans and masked white women confronting us on sidewalks as jewish professors and entitled retirees blame us for society’s problems and the media counts down to our extinction.”
  • Angry about being unable to own a gun because she is on a FBI watch list, Laura Loomer advocates forming militias: “We have a 2nd Amendment right to resist tyrannical regimes, and I would say that we are currently living under a very tyrannical regime.”
  • Finally, Vincent James makes the far-right’s political agenda explicitly clear: “We are the Christian Taliban and we will not stop until ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a reality, and even worse than that.”