Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Masonic Advent Ritual

  • Stephen Strang declares that God approves of President Donald Trump’s border wall: “We have to look no further than the Bible to learn that walls are biblical and God loves borders.”
  • Dave Daubenmire is sick and tired of “the steady stream of sissy-boys with poofy hair being offered to our impressionable young boys as ‘American Idols.'”
  • Chris McDonald and Cory Daniel explain that the impeachment effort against Trump is actually a “Masonic Advent ritual.”
  • Jim Bakker continues to falsely claim that the number of global earthquakes plummeted just prior to Trump’s election.
  • Finally, despite the fact that Pat Robertson routinely dispenses terrible advice, today’s episode of “The 700 Club” was dedicated almost entirely to Robertson answering questions from viewers.