Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Guaranteed Red Tsunami

  • Kat Kerr is now “taking authority” over Hurricane Willa.
  • QAnon followers are latching on to conspiracy theories propped up by Judicial Watch.
  • Dave Daubenmire has a question regarding abortion: “Why shouldn’t the mother who kills her baby not be executed?”
  • There’s another pro-Trump dating website on the scene. Bill Mitchell, a YourVoice America host, says the site will “focus on #MAGA singles meeting and finding friendship, romance, or both.”
  • Intercessors for America is very concerned that some nefarious force is “pulling the strings” by making local news anchors read from the same script without realizing that it is being done by the Trump-loving right-wing media empire Sinclair Broadcast Group.
  • Finally, Sheila Zilinsky guarantees “a red tsunami” in the midterms elections, which will be followed by mass arrests by March, at the latest.