Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Global Revolution

  • QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes says that former President Donald Trump will soon step up to save this nation: “Imagine how the public’s perception of society and politics will change watching Trump save the country for the third time and witnessing the exposure and prosecution of corrupt people.”
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist “Bishop” Larry Gaiters claims that “when a woman says to her boyfriend or fiancé or husband, ‘You’re my boo,’ what she’s saying [is], ‘You’re my raper.'”
  • Outraged by vaccine mandates, radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles calls on the people rise up and start a “world war against tyrants”: “It is going to have to be a global revolution to crush them … so that they never get up and try this again.”
  • Right-wing pastor Patrick Wooden predicts that the Bible will soon be outlawed because “the Bible and the LGBTQ+ movement cannot coexist.”
  • Finally, right-wing anti-vax conspiracy theorist Stella Immanuel tells those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine that if they cry out to God in repentance, God will physically cast the Luciferian vaccine out of their bodies.