Patrick Wooden Declares That Kamala Harris Is ‘Trying to Turn America Into Sodom and Gomorrah’

Viciously anti-LGBTQ right-wing pastor Patrick Wooden used his sermon during last Sunday’s service to attack Sen. Kamala Harris for officiating a same-sex wedding when she served as California’s attorney general in 2013.

Wooden is a preposterously vehement anti-gay activist who has claimed that gay men regularly shove objects such as cellphones, baseball bats, and animals up their anuses and has insisted that by the time gay men reach middle age, they “have to wear a diaper or a butt plug just to be able to contain their bowels” because of “what happens to the male anus.”

Wooden was outraged by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s decision to tap Harris to serve as his running mate and used his sermon to lash out at her.

“These people have an agenda,” Wooden thundered. “And one of the things is to get rid of the church, to have abortion on demand, the promotion of all things LGBTQ.”

Wooden, who is Black, then attacked Harris for her record as attorney general in California, calling her “Ms. Lock Up A Brother” and declaring that “she took pride in locking up Black folk.”

Wooden then played a clip of Harris officiating a same-sex wedding, fuming that “anybody who’s trying to turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah is not good for this nation, she ain’t good for the state, and she ain’t good for Black folk.”

“That is who is supposed to deliver us?” he asked. “Are you crazy?”

“We need husbands and wives, we need fathers, we need mothers, men born male, women born female,” Wooden preached. “We need real people.”