Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Giant Humiliation Ritual

  • Angry that she has not received financial support from the Republican National Committee in her bids for Congress, Laura Loomer is now declaring that “it’s time to audit the GOP.”
  • Shane Vaughn has a cool new T-shirt available for sale.
  • Lauren Witzke appeared on a program called “No White Guilt” where she spent an hour griping that “the anti-white system” is allowing her white heritage to be destroyed by “animals” as part of “a giant humiliation ritual.”
  • Mark Taylor claims that “90 percent of Congress is under an alias because they’re hiding their bloodline. They don’t want you knowing who they are.”
  • Finally, Jenna Ellis complains that she and Rudy Giuliani are being smeared for working for former President Donald Trump and promoting his bogus stolen elections claims, likening their efforts to John Adams defending British soldiers in the Boston Massacre or Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird.”