Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Drone Over Every School

  • Wayne Allyn Root has a brilliant plan for preventing school shootings: placing armed drones over every school in America.
  • Anna Khait suggests that the best way to stop school shootings is to give homeless veterans jobs as armed security guards.
  • Pat Robertson is thrilled that Regent University is training thousands of teachers who will impart “a Judeo-Christian mindset” into the public schools.
  • George Barna warns that President Trump’s support among evangelicals is slipping and that is a problem: “The fact that his favorability rating has declined, albeit slightly, in the past year within that segment ought to be a red flag to him. If he loses a mere five percent of the backing of born-again Christians, he is guaranteed to be a one-term president. Elections are a numbers game, and the numbers clearly show that Trump cannot afford the slightest erosion from his base of supporters.”
  • Finally, even Josh Bernstein realizes that Trump’s plan to hold a massive military parade “is a horrible, horrible idea.”