Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 9/28/16

  • Janice Crouse is not happy about adult coloring books being used for therapy: “I was rather disturbed because I think it shows a great failure in our culture to instill any kind of religious values and any kind of strong, central commitment for young people.”
  • Linda Harvey says that “Americans from coast to coast are fed up with homosexual and transgender foolishness and are wrestling with their consciences. Teachers, office staff, factory workers, nurses, hospitality staff, first responders, bus drivers, etc. are furious at the illegitimate priority being given to deviant, unnatural behaviors.”
  • Joseph Farah warns that “slavery and Jim Crow laws were wholly Democratic Party institutions. Democrats created them, perpetuated them and enforced them with the aid of their own military wing – the Ku Klux Klan, which, in addition to lynching blacks, systematically murdered Republicans … Consider yourself warned as you make your way to the voting booth in November. The new Klan looks more and more like the old Klan.”
  • Carl Gallups laments that “as the culture of the United States, the largest Christian nation the planet has ever known, becomes increasingly secular, and as much of America’s church slips progressively into apostasy, the intensity of demonic activity will only increase. This is not only a biblical prediction, but also a current reality that, with growing frequency, is reported upon practically every week.”
  • Finally, Rachel Alexander insists that Hillary Clinton lost the first presidential debate because “stylistically, Clinton was a disaster. It may not be fair to judge candidates on this, but style does influence voters — remember the Nixon-Kennedy debate. She marched out in a glaringly bright red pantsuit, the type of outfit she is ridiculed for, since the harsh colors are unforgiving to her body shape. She reverted to her nasally, harsh ‘schoolmarm’ voice throughout the length of the debate, perhaps to keep from coughing.”