Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/24/17

  • ALIPAC is calling on President Trump “to appoint legendary Sheriff Joe Arpaio to aid in securing the southern border areas since Arpaio has been left out in the cold after wounding his own campaign by endorsing Trump early in the GOP primary.”
  • A word of warning from Steve Hotze: “In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy and declare: May all the individuals serving in the [Texas] state legislature, and their staff, who support, promote and practice sodomy and other perverted, sexually deviant lifestyles … receive just retribution from God for their evil actions.”
  • Michael Bresciani says that removing Confederate monuments only reminds people of “the great scourge of slavery” and the South’s “dark and deplorable past. But it is past. Bringing it to the front again is re-creating the pain and loss.”
  • It looks like Mike Huckabee will be hosting a television show on TBN starting this fall.
  • Finally, CBN’s David Brody declares that “clearly God is up to something” with President Trump’s overseas trip.