Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 3/30/17

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt, with the help of Peter LaBarbera, is voicing his opposition to the fact that “an open lesbian has been chosen to be the next commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy.”
  • Sean Spicer is praying for those few “bad apples” who don’t like him or his work for President Trump.
  • David Whitney says that “the answer to all the women’s marches and the women’s strike this month” is to “turn back to the Biblical understanding of the design of our Creator in Titus 2:3-5. Now let me forewarn you, this is shocking material for our feminized country. What we need to understand is that the feminist Marxist agenda is about overturning culture and indeed an entire civilization – it is actually a war on Christian civilization.”
  • Robert Oscar Lopez declares that no matter how many gains they make, gay people will never be happy because “only male-female intercourse produces children through love, and such intercourse occasions a connectedness and spiritual union between the halves of humanity, which dwarfs whatever momentary awkward pleasures one can get from having sex with someone of the same sex, whose body parts make full and pleasant intercourse unattainable.”
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson has some reasonable and intelligent thoughts about Hillary Clinton.