Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/9/17

  • Lee Duigon declares that the new television show “The Mick” leaves him without “any doubt that the whole project of the Left, the secular humanist whoopee crowd, is satanic to the core.”
  • Jonathan Cahn says that God intervened in the election to punish President Obama for opposing Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.
  • Jesse Lee Peterson asserts that “most black people hate white folks” and warns that when white people get fed up with black racism, “we’re going to have a real race war on our hands.”
  • Lance Wallnau thinks that “the election cycle exposed something insidious about how the enemy has invaded America to turn it against Christ and Christian values.”
  • Kellyanne Conway wants people to judge President-elect Trump by “what’s in his heart” rather than by the things that he says or does.
  • Finally, Don Boys declares that “if you go public with anti-family, pro-perversion, or anti-American positions then it will cost you dearly. When a business owner takes a public position that is anti-family, anti-American, or anti-biblical, then he or she deserves to be a very lonely person because so many potential customers refuse to purchase his goods or services.”