Jesse Lee Peterson: President Trump Is God’s ‘Savior’ Who Will Save Black People From Themselves

On his radio program today, far-right wing activist Jesse Lee Peterson praised President Trump’s address to Congress last night, once again claiming that God is using Trump as a “savior” who will save black people from themselves.

Peterson argued that for decades, black public officials haven’t made any efforts to help black communities in America, so now “along comes President Trump and that’s on his list, to clean up the black community so that they too can live.”

“Jesus is not like coming down here and doing it himself,” Peterson asserted. “He’s working through President Trump to get it done and I think that it’s interesting in over the last 60 years, there has not been one black man that He’s worked through to get it done.”

Peterson said that Trump is black America’s “savior” because “he is saving the blacks from themselves by going in there and cleaning up crime, drugs and so that the decent blacks who are living in those areas can finally breathe and start living without fear of being shot down, robbed, killed, they can finally work. And he’s taking the illegal aliens out of those communities, the gangs that come from across the border, supported by drug cartels; so he is the savior in that manner, the physical savior for the black people.”