Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Radical Homosexuals’ Making ‘A Perverted Lifestyle A Civil Rights Issue’

During Saturday’s Stand 4 Truth conference in Houston, conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson accused the government of removing fathers from black families, saying that as a result, “the homosexual was able to come in even more so and take over the wife, the woman and the children, educate black children and start convincing them that homosexuality is normal.”

“The worst thing that can happen to boys and girls is to remove the father from the children because when you remove the father from the children, evil is able to come in and take over,” he said.

“If you can weaken that man,” Peterson said, “evil understands that it could work through others and destroy the women and children, and it’s over for the country. So until they took the black man out of his family, removed him away, the radical homosexuals were not allowed and were not able to come in and take over the black community, deceive them and use them in the manner that they’re using them today, because they were saying no to it.”

“In those days, men were not as emotional as they are today,” he added. “Have you noticed that men are worse than women? Have you noticed that? ‘Oh you hurt my feelings, don’t speak to me that way.’ They’re worse than women. When I was growing up, had a man acted that way, we would take him out in the woods and beat him.”

Now, Peterson said, gays are trying to make “a perverted lifestyle a civil rights issue” and “brainwash generations and generations of black people to believe that.”