Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Evil’ LGBT Rights Are Destroying America

Conservative activist Jesse Lee Peterson joined Virginia talk radio host Rob Schilling yesterday to discuss how “evil” LGBT rights are in the process of destroying America, “especially in the last eight years”:

Schilling: I want to go back, first of all, just to God having created them man and woman, because we seem to lose track of that. That’s the honest truth given to us in the Bible, so I think that’s a good starting point for all of this.

Peterson: I absolutely agree, and I have to tell you, if we don’t return to that, we’re going to lose total sight of man and woman because the children of the lie, they are pushing for no gender. They don’t want you to identify as a man or as a woman. And we should not be surprised because, as you know, Rob, our battle is a spiritual battle, it’s a warfare between good and evil. Absolutely everything we do is spiritual.

So we need to realize that once you give evil power by letting it have its way, it will destroy you. It will destroy you personally, it will destroy your family, it will destroy your community and your country, and that’s what it’s been doing especially in the last eight years. It’s just been out of control, to a point that they are pushing men and women that are confused about their identities to go into whatever bathroom of choice. That’s not even common sense, you know that has to be evil.