Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/26/17

  • Glenn Beck has established an interesting new standard, demanding that everyone on the left must denounce this specific article in The Atlantic as “fake news” if they want to have any credibility.
  • Hans von Spakovsky says that voter fraud is a very serious problem because Heritage Foundation has “almost 450 cases” of it … over the last 35 years!
  • Just days into Trump’s presidency, Wayne Allyn Root declares that “Donald Trump Is Already the Greatest Conservative President in Modern History.”
  • Jennifer Hartline says that “the history being written by the profane conduct from the Women’s March is too horrifying to contemplate.”
  • Finally, WND repeatedly cited Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman to warn that President Obama was a modern-day Hitler who was transforming America into Nazi Germany. But now that Trump is in office, they insist that “Comparing Trump to Nazis Is ‘Crazy.'”