Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/23/16

  • Lee Duigon says that “America really must buckle down to the business of making sure there is never, never, never again another Democrat government” so they can’t ever pass a law clamping down on fake news.
  • Walid Shoebat is sick of the all the “ass-kissers” who blindly accept anything that Donald Trump does.
  • The AFA’s Ray Rooney declares that “this country, as demonstrated by the 2016 presidential election, is ripe for a message of repentance, renewal and restoration. Someone has said the electorate voted to make America great again, and the church should decide to make America a Christian nation again.”
  • FRC rejoices over the election: “Heavenly Father, Thank you for preserving our nation through many challenging years. Thank you for giving the American people a will and motivation to exercise their vote to help change our nation for the better. Thank you for giving us another chance be salt and light to our nation. Help us now in this hour of need to shine. We thank you for our leaders: for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Guide them now as they transition to lead. May they lead under your guidance. Thank you for moving President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to urge their supporters to give the new administration a chance and to call for a peaceful transition. Lord, we appeal to you for the blessing and grace which alone will make America great again. And turn our hearts to you, for we know that only righteousness will exalt a nation.”
  • Finally, David Rubin says that if Rep. Keith Ellison becomes head of the DNC, it’ll be the end of the Democratic Party: “Keith Ellison is a card-carrying Muslim who believes very strongly in jihad. In fact, when he was sworn into Congress, he was sworn in with his hand on the Koran. His hand was not on the Bible.”

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