Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/10/17

  • Jonathon Van Maren is outraged by the “rainbow revolutionaries” and “their incessant war on whimsy”: “Pre-schoolers don’t need to be introduced to homosexual puppets. These activists need to leave sex out of childhood, and stop trying to force their lifestyles into the whimsy and innocence of children’s stories.”
  • NOM is outraged by “The Mick”: “It is utterly depraved that Fox thinks childhood bondage and transgenderism are things to laugh at so they can sell expensive commercials to advertisers.”
  • Wanda Alger asserts that “the overreaching edicts and excessive executive orders being made by the current outgoing president are an indication of a spiritual strongman working behind the scenes that has long been operating in this nation.”
  • Kelly Monroe Kullberg says that Christians who oppose Jeff Sessions’ nomination as attorney general are just puppets of George Soros.
  • Finally, Larry Tomczak declares that “future generations will look back on Donald Trump’s miraculous ascendancy to the presidency as an epochal moment” akin to 9/11, the moon landing or the assassination of President Kennedy.