Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/7/16

  • Larry Tomczak lists “45 Ways Your Life Improves With Trump as the 45th President.” First up: “There will be a gargantuan, collective sigh of relief experienced by millions of patriotic freedom-lovers who regain hope that God hears prayers for America to be repositioned back to our Founding Fathers’ original vision.”
  • James Robison says that “for anyone to question whether God cares about the future freedom of a nation that has received and freely shared His blessings is one of the most outlandishly preposterous things I have ever heard in my life.”
  • Franklin Graham calls for a “Christian revolution in America.”
  • Brigitte Gabriel’s urgent election message: “I would rather be offended by locker room talk 10 years ago than be endangered by potential rapists, terrorists and pedophiles in my community today.”
  • A dire warning from Jesse Lee Peterson: “The candidate who embodies hate, corruption and nastiness is Hillary Clinton. And her partner in crime is one Barack Hussein Obama. If Hillary is somehow elected president, the sellout of America will be completed. Our enemies would overrun us, and the country we love would be gone forever.”
  • Finally, beware of “Dr. Strange”: “Some movies, however, not only distract some people from the Truth, but introduce completely new paths for people to follow that will lead them away from eternal life with Jesus Christ and away from loving their neighbors as themselves. Sadly, Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE is one of those movies.