Rick Wiles: Hillary Clinton Is A ‘High Priestess Of Witchcraft’

On Monday, Rick Wiles of the End Times radio show “TruNews” warned Americans not to vote for Hillary Clinton, blasting her as a “high priestess of witchcraft” who promotes “raw Satanism.”

Wiles, who was speaking with WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi, said that the presidential race has “brought to light” not only proof of Satanism but also evidence of pedophilia and cannibalism among Democrats and the Clinton campaign.

Wiles was referring to a far-right conspiracy theory stemming from Wikileaks’ release of hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. One email showed that Podesta had been invited to a “spirit cooking” performance by artist Marina Abromovic, which did not involve any sort of “satanic ritual” and which Podesta didn’t even attend.

“This country is one day away from making a monumental decision that is going to send it in one or the other extreme direction,” Wiles said. “There is no middle ground. The country is either going to embrace raw Satanism and elect a high priestess of witchcraft, or this nation is going to embrace a businessman who is far from perfect but who loves his country and has spent $100 million dollars of his own money to try to save the country.”

“What is at stake here is the soul of the country,” Wiles continued. “It’s not politics, it is the soul of the country. What has been brought to light in this election campaign—it was the corruption, it was the collusion, the networking of organizations and people to control the direction of the country—but it ended up in the last few days bringing forth the revelation of pedophilia, and Satanism and cannibalism.”

“As a people we have to decide: what are we going to do with this,” He ended.