Rick Wiles: Hillary Clinton Will Introduce ‘Full-Blown Communism’

“Trunews” host Rick Wiles warned yesterday that President Obama has just been “the warm-up act” for Hillary Clinton’s communist tyranny if she’s elected president.

While discussing the violent persecution of Christians by China’s communist government, Wiles said: “That’s what communism looks like. That’s what’s coming to America under Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama was just the warm-up act. He was the first full-blown communist to be put in the White House. He got the country softened up for the final act. The final act is Hillary Clinton.”

He said Clinton has been a communist since her correspondence with Saul Alinsky, who “has waited decades for this day”: “If the American people put her in the White House, we are going into full-blown communism and the first thing that happens is the shutdown of all dissent and then the crackdown on the churches. I promise you, that’s what’s coming. I can’t tell you we’re going to be here. I can’t tell you that.”

Wiles added that “the invisible Communist Party in America” has “moles in every sector of our society” who are ready to seize control and stifle opposition.