Rick Wiles: Right Wing Watch ‘Will Be Brought Down’

On Tuesday, Rick Wiles of the End Times radio show “Trunews” speculated that Right Wing Watch will “go down” and urged Donald Trump to “crush the left” if he is elected president.

After spending a segment criticizing Tony and John Podesta, the former People For the American Way president and the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, respectively, Wiles predicted that “the homosexual group” Right Wing Watch, a program of PFAW, “will be brought down.”

I have to say this; I am having so much fun. I know our dear friends over at Right Wing Watch, the homosexual group that exists for the purpose of smearing God-fearing, righteous Christian men and women who speak up for morality—that’s your purpose, you don’t have any other purpose other than to smear godly men and women—and I’m having so much fun watching Right Wing Watch as you guys get ready to go down because your daddy is Tony Podesta and the Podestas, the Podesta brothers were part of the founding, the early years of Right Wing Watch, and the money that comes from George Soros to smear Christians.

And so I am having so much fun watching the little Podesta smear operation be exposed, and hopefully the Podestas will end up in prison and Right Wing Watch will be brought down and the money will stop flowing to these socialist groups to smear Christians. But I just want the people of Right Wing Watch to know: It’s our God, Jesus Christ, who has turned the tables on you.

God’s people are praying and fasting and the rats are being exposed and the rats are running for cover right now. And we’re going to put rats in prison. I said it weeks ago, when Trump wins, we have to crush the left. It has to be crushed.

He went on to describe liberal activists as “dangerous,” “wicked” and “mentally ill” people who should be put in prison, which Wiles plans to visit in order to preach to them.