Pat Robertson: The Justice Department Must Investigate George Soros for Orchestrating the Migrant Caravan

On “The 700 Club” today, televangelist Pat Robertson urged President Trump to launch an investigation into George Soros for supposedly funding the caravan of migrants that is heading toward the United States.

For the last week, thousands of Central American migrants have been traveling north in hopes of entering the United States, and Robertson is accusing Soros of orchestrating and financing the entire thing as a public relations stunt aimed at embarrassing Trump just before the midterm elections, despite admitting that he has no evidence to support this assertion.

Robertson urged Trump to station thousands of American soldiers along the southern border to stop the caravan from entering the United States and to place the migrants in large camps where they will be provided for until they can be arrested, processed, and deported.

“It’s going to be a public relations nightmare for our president if he doesn’t get ahead of this thing,” Robertson said. “The person who has apparently been financing this thing is George Soros. Now, we don’t have hard evidence on that, but that’s the suspicion; that the George Soros foundation has somehow been providing money because somebody has been paying those people off.”

“My suggestion is that the Justice Department needs to get a warrant to search the books of the Soros foundation to see if indeed they have been setting this thing up,” he added. “The whole idea was to use these people to embarrass the president just before the election.”

We’re assuming that Robertson was referring to the Open Society Foundation, which was founded by Soros, and which promotes civil society and democracy projects around the world, and provides funding to liberal organizations.