Rick Wiles: ‘Almighty God Intervened In The 2016 Election’ To Keep ‘That Wicked Witch’ Out Of The White House

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles kicked off his “TruNews” program yesterday by warning that recent efforts by social media platforms to crack down on users who spread conspiracy theories and toxic rhetoric is proof that a communist revolution is underway in America.

“The revolution is here,” Wiles declared. “Barack Obama was their John the Baptist and Hillary Clinton—mentored by Saul Alinsky, the man who adored Satan—was supposed to be their messiah, but something happened along the way to her coronation. Yes, there was foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election, but it didn’t come from Moscow, it came from heaven. God, Almighty God, intervened in the 2016 election because millions of his saints fasted and prayed, pleading with Almighty God to help us against our powerful foes.”

“God knew the evil plans that the enemies of the cross had for Christians if that wicked witch Hillary Clinton entered the White House,” he added. “God interrupted the scheme to give the church more time to get its act together and get on with the job of boldly preaching the gospel of the kingdom and the coming of our lord, Jesus Christ.”

Wiles asserted that “even though Hillary Clinton was stopped by our prayers and intercession,” God’s enemies have continued to work tirelessly to destroy America, claiming that he accurately predicted that Trump would become president only to have his enemies claim that Russia interfered with the election and work to remove him from office on the grounds that he is mentally unstable.

“I was right,” he said. “Here is what I am telling you this day, in March of 2018: A communist revolution is underway in America.”