Rick Wiles: God Is Shielding Trump From Witchcraft And Sorcery

Yesterday on “Trunews,” televangelist Rodney Howard-Browne spoke with host Rick Wiles about President Trump’s first weeks in office, with Howard-Browne lamenting that both Democrats and Republicans are “trying to undermine” the president.

“I’m glad I’m not president, there would be people arrested for high treason right as we speak,” he said, “arrested because they are undermining America.”

He warned that liberals are organizing an “American Spring” where there will be “millions of people rioting.” (In 2014, conservative activists launched an “American Spring” protest against Barack Obama).

According to Howard-Browne, Trump is also facing curses and attacks from witches—which he claimed is proof that “the hand of God is upon him”—and even from Christians who are “full of the devil.”

“God is shielding that man and none of their witchcraft and sorcery is going to work,” Wiles said.