Rick Joyner: Martial Law Must Be Declared If Trump Is Forced From Office

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page on Friday saying that President Trump’s critics are engaging in sedition and declaring that if he is removed from office, martial law will need to be declared.

Insisting again that all of the controversies surrounding the current administration are part of God’s plan to identify and destroy Trump’s enemies because the president “has divine protection,” Joyner warned that America is headed for martial law.

“One day, I have no doubt whatsoever, we’re going to be under martial law in America,” he said. However, Joyner insisted that martial law will actually be a good thing because “it’s going to take that to get this train back on the rails.”

“If the left [is] able to overthrow a legally elected president, it would be unbelievable, I think, what would happen in America,” Joyner said. “I think martial law would have to step in … Like it or not, he was constitutionally elected and those who are trying to overthrow his presidency by all of these devices and lies that they’re putting out—the media and everyone—this is sedition!”