Rick Joyner: The Comey Scandal Is A Trap Set By God To Identify And Destroy Trump’s Enemies

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today reiterating his belief that President Trump will triumph over the scandal stemming from his firing of FBI director James Comey because Trump is being protected by God. In fact, Joyner said, the entire scandal is a trap that has been set by God to identify Trump’s enemies so that they can be destroyed.

“I think the left and the media think they’ve got Trump on the run,” Joyner said. “They don’t realize the trap they have set for themselves, and I think you’re going to see this unfold. I don’t think Trump is necessarily setting the trap, but I think he’s being used in a marvelous way. I believe we have someone even bigger who is setting things up in our country, that it is God himself who is responding to the prayers of his people and Trump is being used in an incredible way.”

“If you look at every time Trump was counted out, he came back with a bigger victory than ever,” Joyner continued. “There is a divine purpose on the man, there is a destiny on him and he’s got somebody looking out for him right now. He’s going to win. He wins every time. He’s going to win and this thing with Comey and with the Russians, it will go away.”

Joyner said that “you can’t really take out your enemies until you see them,” and so God is using this controversy as a trap that will expose what everyone’s “true state and true nature is.”

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