Rick Joyner: Democrats Are ‘Going Crazy’ Because They Know The Devil Is Losing Power Under Trump

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today in which he asserted that Democrats and members of the media are “controlled by darkness” and are “going crazy” because the devil knows that his reign is coming to an end, thanks to President Trump.

Claiming that President Obama hired “hundreds of federal workers” before leaving office who are now engaged in “sedition” against Trump and “rebellion against the republic,” Joyner declared that “everybody that was hired in the last year of the Obama administration needs to be fired right away.”

“You’re going to see the media going crazy, you’re going to see the Democrats going crazy because they know their time is short,” Joyner said. “This is the nature of the devil, who is called The Adversary. It says in Revelation, ‘When he is cast out of heaven, he comes to the earth with great wrath.’ Whenever the devil or those who are controlled by darkness, by evil, start losing their power by the threat of their place being exposed and what they’re doing being exposed, you better believe they’re going to go insane.”

“They’re going to go into an insane rage and that’s what we’re seeing now,” he added. “We’re seeing powers of darkness and evil exposed.”

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