Richard Land: If Clinton Had Won, It Would Have Been ‘The Last Fully Free Election’ in History

The Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Richard Land appeared on Todd Starnes’ radio program yesterday, where he declared that Christians were obligated to support Donald Trump in the 2016 election because Hillary Clinton always represents the greater of two evils “unless she is running against Lucifer.”

“The alternative was Hillary Clinton,” Land said, “who would have been the most dangerous and the worst president in the history of the United States. No question about it. Hands down. I’m going to make a statement now that I’m willing to stand by: If Hillary Clinton had won this last election, we would have just participated in the last fully free election in the history of the United States.”

“They would have subverted the rule of law,” he continued. “They would have come after us. They would have weaponized the federal government against us. Hillary Clinton was dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. She was terminally dangerous to religious freedom and to political freedom in the United States.”

Land insisted that Christians therefore had an obligation to support “the lesser evil” in 2016, which was Trump.

“To not support Donald Trump was to support Hillary Clinton. That is just a simple fact,” Land said. “In the real world, if you do not help the lesser evil prevail, you are part of helping the greater evil prevail, and Hillary Clinton is the greater evil, unless she is running against Lucifer.”