Red Ice Host: Being a Far-Right Extremist Makes You a ‘Healthy Human’

(Screenshot / Red Ice)

Lana Lokteff, one of two main hosts at the web-based white nationalist outlet Red Ice, told viewers that holding extremist ideologies makes someone “a healthy human being living in the real world.”

In a video uploaded to YouTube on February 22, 2019, Lokteff lists political beliefs that she says will earn people the label “far-right extremist” from the political left. Among the things she lists: believing in the white nationalist “white genocide” conspiracy theory about murders of white South African farmers, wanting to live in “a nice, white neighborhood with other nice, white people,” and opposing people having mixed-race families—all of which are staple white nationalist talking points.

“Have you ever talked about the blatant theft and ongoing murder of white farmers in South Africa? Do you want to live in a nice, white neighborhood with other nice, white people? Or are you a non-white and against whites becoming a minority in their countries because you too like to live in a nice white neighborhood? Are you against globalists turning the West into a multicultural country for everyone, united by a shopping mall? If you don’t want the entire West, and really the entire world, to be exactly the same in every way? Yeah, me too,” Lokteff said.

She continued, “The next time a leftist or anyone else charges you for being a far-right extremist, laugh in their face and say, ‘Thank you,’ because it means you are a healthy human being living in the real world. You don’t need to defend common sense, truth, and Mother Nature.”

Lokteff regularly proclaims extremist beliefs on Red Ice that are meant to enrage white viewers and brew hostility toward minorities. She has told viewers that the United States discriminates against white men, that America can never be too white, and that interracial relationships are worse than mass murder.

The video Lokteff publicized is meant to trivialize the assertion that the ideology that she and her colleagues proliferate on Red Ice is extreme, but those same beliefs are, in fact, extreme and have inspired acts of violence and terrorism in the United States at an increasing frequency. Just this week, federal officials announced the arrest of a white nationalist in Maryland who had been stockpiling weapons and planning the murders of Democratic politicians and cable news anchors.

Red Ice TV has nearly 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and despite its consistent inflammatory content and hate speech, it escapes moderation on the site.