‘Alt-Right’ Radio Host: America ‘Can Never, Ever, Ever, Be Too White’

Lana Lokteff tells fans of the white nationalist Red Ice outlet that American can "never, ever, ever be too white" in a video uploaded to YouTube on August 17, 2018. (Screenshot / YouTube)

Lana Lokteff, a co-host at the web-based white nationalist radio station Red Ice, is encouraging listeners to embrace so-called “ethno-nationalism,” which is a term used to describe an agenda that wields the powers of the state to enforce white supermajorities and systemically discriminates against immigrants on the basis of their skin color.

At Red Ice, Lokteff uses her platform to advocate white nationalism and recruit young white women into the so-called “alt-right” and encourage them to get married to white men and produce white children. In June, she said that interracial relationships were “more devious than blatant in-your-face mass murdering.”

Unlike some of her colleagues in the white identitarian movement who have attempted to obscure their racist agenda through cushioned language, Lokteff is forthcoming about her views and has convinced other women in the movement, including alt-right activist Faith Goldy and YouTuber Lauren Rose, to identify themselves as ethno-nationalists on camera.

In a video uploaded to the Red Ice TV YouTube channel last Friday, Lokteff said she took issue with right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson telling her that he didn’t think a white ethnostate was a good idea because evil exists everywhere and “the whites in that city or in that town would turn on each other.” She responded by laying out why she doesn’t think white people can be evil, adding that countries “can never, ever, ever be too white.“

“This concept of a white ethnostate simply means a country of European people whose immigration policy ensures that their ethnicity remains the majority. Yes, folks. European people are ethnic too. It’s not just a term to describe non-white spiciness,” Lokteff said.

She went on to argue that majority-white countries “haven’t need to call themselves ‘ethno-nationalists’ or an ‘ethnostate’ because it’s stating the obvious” and that citizens of those countries “don’t call themselves ‘white nationalists’ because they are not a generic white.” She says that even colonized countries, like the United States, were ethnostates “until anti-white poison entered into their minds.”

Later in the video, Lokteff laid it out: “I’m going to say what all you think and know to be true: It can never, ever, ever be too white. It’s never white enough.”  She claims that mostly white states like Oregon and Minnesota were great places to live until “diversity was forced in our communities as an act of hate, bringing with it all forms of nothing good.”

Then, dramatic music began to play as Lokteff issued a call to action.

“The time of being guilted and manipulated is over. To me, the most important thing is preserving a white majority in European countries for a multitude of reasons and I don’t care what you want to call it. The future of our children, and literally mankind, depends on us speaking the truth loudly against anti-white leftist lies, which have infected the west.”

This video features a compilation of three clips from Red Ice’s original video.