Alt-Right Radio Host: America Is Discriminating Against White Men

Lana Lokteff, a host at the white supremacist web-based outlet Red Ice, made a video praising Fox News host Tucker Carlson for questioning whether diversity is a strength on his show, expanding that praise to argue that white men are discriminated against.

Lokteff is an unabashed “ethno-nationalist,” meaning that she advocates for immigration policies that would enforce a white supermajority in America and has declared that American “can never, ever, ever, be too white.”

In a video uploaded to Red Ice’s YouTube channel, Lokteff decries “forced multiculturalism,” a label she applies to changing attitudes about race relations in America, and dismisses evidence that shows that hiring a diverse group of workers can make companies more profitable. Lokteff argues, as she has before, that Europe was already contained diversity among its white majority because a variety of languages and cultural traditions existed among its white supermajority.

“Before the word ‘diversity’ became the globalist political statement in European nations, it was just a word that meant variety—difference in talent, skill, ability or thought. Today it is all about melanin content, your genitals, and who you have sex with and if you’re a leftist, of course,” Lokteff said.

Lokteff said that she longed for a time when “it didn’t need to be about race because we lived in a homogeneous nation. European diversity got stuff done. … We never required rigid rules, about ‘must have one of each of this and that,’ and that’s what made America wild, free and successful.”

Later on in the video, Lokteff says it’s “funny” that people point out her clearly racist beliefs and say she is “obsessed with skin color” when really she believes that “race is more than skin color.” She also claims that white men in America are discriminated against.

She says, “White guys are still a majority in America, yet they are actively discriminated against in the name of diversity, tolerance, and anti-racism—so fight discrimination by excluding an entire group, got it. Well, all of these problems are hurdles because of forced multiculturalism.”