Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Phallic Symbol to Baal

  • Mark Taylor claims that church steeples are “a phallic symbol to Baal.”
  • It seems that anti-Islam activist John Guandolo is an instructor at Charis Bible College’s School of Practical Government, which was founded by Andrew Wommack and David Barton.
  • It is increasingly difficult to accept Josh Bernstein’s proclamations that he is not anti-gay when he keeps referring to Pete Buttigieg as “Pickle Pete, the sodomite from South Bend.”
  • Randall Terry’s efforts to spread his anti-gay bigotry at Buttigieg’s campaign stops has hit a snag, as Terry and his crew of activists are literally broke.
  • Finally, Ann Vandersteel claims that there is no way that Hillary Clinton can ever “get the stink” off of herself stemming from the “great picture” of Clinton and David Duke “in a very tight embrace.” We have no idea what Vandersteel is talking about.