‘Prophetic’ Frank Amedia Claims God Is Planning September Surprise to Stop Trump Slump

POTUS Shield founder Frank Amedia (Image from June 15, 2020 "prophetic word" video.)

Frank Amedia, a former campaign adviser to President Donald Trump and founder of the pro-Trump POTUS Shield network, ​claimed in a “prophetic word”​ video Monday ​that God is planning to take dramatic action in September to pull Trump’s presidency and the soul of the nation out of the swamp into which both are currently sinking.

Amedia described a vision he had of God reaching down his hand to pluck Trump out of the swamp by the top of his head and fling him into the air.

“But Father, we shall gain our strength and rise like eagles, even as you shall take this president and raise him up into the airwaves at that appropriate time​, and he shall soar,” Amedia said. “And we shall see this election won again, not for political gain​ but for the gain of God.”

Frank said his 17-minute “prophetic word” was “urgent.” It was also rambling, repetitive​, and vague on details—as many “prophecies” tend to be.

This one started with a warning: “Don’t expect things to get easier and better in this nation right now during this election cycle.” Amedia continued:

In fact, they shall intensify. But what we shall see if we stand in the gap, if we are those who make the call and declare under the name of the Lord​ those things that we are called to do, then the Lord has said that we shall see sometime at the end of the summer, coming into September, maybe just before Sukkot [the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles]​, in the middle of September​, and thereon.

What I saw was the hand of the Lord go down. And I saw that this presidency​, and this president, and the soul of this nation​ was sinking into a swamp, and he was up to his neck. But then the fingers of the Lord reached down a thumb, which is apostolic, a thumb, which states foundation and the forefinger, which points revelation. And it snatched this president by the top of his head​ and flung him up into the air. And he went flailing because he didn’t expect it, because it was sudden. It was as if somebody was tossing a young child to have fun with them and their arms flapped and moved while they giggled and laughed. But in this instance, delivering him from the swamp that he was sinking into, into low depths, and all of a sudden flinging it, and this will be accompanied by some kind of an action.

I believe that this action will be major. I believe that this will be unlike the COVID, which we’ve just experienced, the lawlessness which we are experiencing. This will be clearly God driven. We shall see it.

I’m not certain exactly what that act will be, but we shall see it, and it shall move forth. And everybody will know, again, including this presidency, including the people of faith, including those who call the people of faith deplorable, who are calling good evil and evil good, and who are lifting up lawlessness in the name of righteousness. They will not be able to shut their eyes and see that something, something extraordinary​ has intervened. I want you to pray that way. We must pray that way.

Amedia said that “the heart and the soul of this nation, one nation that has been declared under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, is under siege.” He repeatedly connected Trump’s presidency with the “soul” of the U.S. and described the “deep state” plot against Trump in terms of spiritual warfare. ​Amedia described political opposition to Trump as efforts by “the enemy” to reverse “the gains that God has made in this nation” during Trump’s presidency:

Beloved, I’m calling us to stand strong back in that gap, to declare that not only will we not yield and give back the gains that God has made in this nation, on a Christian-Judeo platform, but that we’re going to take back what the enemy has tried to steal and is trying to steal from us.

It is a plot, a deep plot of the enemy. Do not expect it to vanquish and go away. And there is fire that is being fueled, fueled by the gasoline and by the viciousness and the bitterness of those who are trying to call things that are, that are not good​ evil, evil good.

The one thing we know that the period of this time is a spirit of lawlessness that has been loosed in this nation and upon the Earth. Beloved, something else is coming … The Lord has put it deep in my spirit, but this one isn’t going to come upon us by just the flesh of the hands of men. This one is going to come [upon] us by the Lord ​himself. And we’re going to see it’s not a reaction. It’s an action. God’s heart is in it. He hears the cries of his people. The blood of the unborn who are still being massacred and killed still cries out to God. In the midst of this pandemic, in the midst of it, it was called essential to continue to kill the unborn. Yet it was not essential for the born again​ to go into the churches of God.

Amedia said that fear of the COVID pandemic was “the tip of the ice of the spirit of delusion” that is being released ​on Earth​and that public health orders that kept people away from church was a form of brainwashing implanted in public officials’ minds by “the deceiver” and “the enemy of our souls”—in other words, Satan.

We see a great siege, a great siege against the soul of this nation, a great siege against this presidency, a great siege that’s against all the things that we have been able to recover, all of the grounds that have been made, albeit with great resistance from before this president even took office. We now know for a fact that there was a conspiracy—deep, deep conspiracy—even as I had exposed during the election​ and in December exposed to this president and this presidency that it was going on. We understand. We see it. Don’t believe that it has gone away.

We need to understand that we are called now to lift up the standard over this president as POTUS Shield, over this nation, to be those who are standing in true prophetic word.

Amedia asked God to continue to visit Trump “in the wee hours of the night” to give him vision. And he prayed that God would surround Trump with “voices of faith and wisdom and understanding.”

Amedia also suggested that military leaders who have been critical of Trump’s actions in recent days should keep their criticisms to themselves. “We ask him to shore up the military, to shore up those who think they’re serving something better​,​ but at the same time don’t realize that they’re speaking out and causing fractions and divisions, when the best thing they could be is quiet.”

Amedia recorded his commentary before Monday’s surprising and sweeping Supreme Court ruling that federal civil rights protections against sex discrimination in the workplace also apply​ to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Even before that ruling, Amedia reaffirmed his belief that “Chief Justice Roberts is not to be trusted,” referring to the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling against churches that were challenging California’s public health restrictions on large gatherings. “We need one more Supreme Court justice,” Amedia said. “This President still has assignments to complete.”

While some prophets declared 2020 to be all about the next Great Awakening, Amedia reminded his viewers that the Lord had showed him at the beginning of the year that “we were moving, the whole world, into a place of next.”​

“And here we are in that place of next,” he continued, saying that churches are called to “prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.”