Frank Amedia Recounts How God Confirmed His Trump Prophecy With The Smell Of Baby Powder

Frank Amedia, the tsunami-stopping and ant-reviving pastor who served as an unofficial Christian liaison between Donald Trump and the Religious Right during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, hosted a POTUS Shield event recently in which regaled the audience with the tale of the time that God used the smell of baby powder to confirm a prophecy that Amedia had given to Trump.

As Amedia recounted the event, he had been tapped by the Trump campaign to speak at a rally in Ohio because they knew that he had a supernatural ability to “bind and declare” to prevent violence or protests from breaking out by kicking off campaign rallies with powerful intercessory prayer.

“We came against the spirits of abortion, we came against the spirits of homosexuality and lesbianism and we bound that stuff,” Amedia said, “and what they found out was that 17,000 to 20,0000 people—the majority of them who had never prayed that way—were cheering and yelling and screaming along with me for those declarations. So it began to give me more favor in the campaign because they said, ‘Wow, he can rally up the masses.'”

Amedia said that in the days before Super Tuesday, God gave him a prophecy that if Trump would humble himself before God, he would win the Republican nomination and the presidency. Amedia said that he wrote the prophecy down in a letter that he gave to Trump’s then-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, to deliver to Trump.

Amedia said that as Trump was flying to Florida after the Ohio rally, he received a call from an “intercessory team” that had been praying for Trump all day who reported to him “that the overwhelming smell and fragrance was so thick in our room of baby powder that we were running all over trying to figure out where it was coming from.”

Amedia concluded that the smell could only be a sign from God that Trump has read his letter and accepted the prophecy.

“I said a baby was born,” Amedia recounted. “I know at that moment, in his heart, [Trump] sought and looked out that window and the intensity of that hit him.”