Rich Vera: Trump’s Decision To Move The Embassy To Jerusalem Will Release The Cure For Alzheimer’s

Earlier this month, pastor Rich Vera of The Center for Revival and Healing in Orlando, Florida, appeared on “It’s Supernatural” with Sid Roth, where he claimed that President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem has opened a portal through which the cure for Alzheimer’s disease will be delivered to the world.

Vera, a close associate of prosperity gospel preacher Benny Hinn—who claims that Vera is “considered to be one of the most relevant, accurate and Prophetic voices in America and around the world”—told Roth that he recently received a vision from God showing modern-day prophets being invited into the White House where they will perform miracles that will release the fire of the Holy Spirit across the entire nation.

“God is going to clean from the highest house in the nation to the lowest house in the nation,” Vera said. “There is going to be a wind of change, a wind of cleansing and there is going to be a wind of fire because the Holy Spirit’s fire is going to be released in the White House and there will be signs and wonders that will take place inside the White House. And I saw the prophets going inside the White House and prophesying the world of the Lord, prophesying what God is saying, not what what they want to hear. And I saw because of that, prosperity hitting and literally a divine mantle of protection being released over the president and over America.”

Asked by Roth about his prophecy that the cures for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s would soon be discovered, Vera asserted that Trump’s decision to move the embassy will be directly responsible for those discoveries.

“This is the most amazing thing,” Vera said. “What happened in Israel with President Trump proclaiming Jerusalem to be the eternal capital of the Jewish people, it is a significant thing in the spirit world because for him to be the man that spoke boldly to the nations of the world, he released a spirit that opened a portal for blessings to be released from Israel to the rest of the world.”

“When the president went—and I saw this in a vision—and proclaimed that on television,” he added, “there was literally a portal that opened up and it began to flush like a waterfall to America and we are about to experience prosperity like we have never experienced before.”

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