Lance Wallnau: God Chose Trump To Encourage The Church To Fight Satan

Lance Wallnau, a Religious Right speaker and leading advocate of Seven Mountains dominionism, continued his advocacy for Donald Trump in an interview with far-right radio host Rick Wiles on Monday, insisting that “God chose Trump” from among the Republican presidential candidates to send a message to the church in America to engage in a battle for the culture against Satan.

Wallnau explained that he was invited to a small meeting with Trump and fellow evangelicals this summer by “a PR agent that works for Paula White,” a prosperity gospel proponent who is close to Trump.

He said that while he first joined the meeting simply “out of curiosity,” God told him while he was there that “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness” and that “his presence is a disruptive element, a chaos element into the devil’s plans.”

“Is the evangelical Christian world missing what God is doing right now?” Wiles asked.

“Oh yeah, I think that’s why God chose Trump as opposed to any of the 14 better-qualified conservative evangelicals that he was running against,” Wallnau responded, “because the Lord’s actually making a statement, the church, collectively, 100 million believers have not exercised any serious influence over culture. We’ve been content to let it keep sliding. And so what we’ve got now is we’ve got the devil trying to take America down and the Lord literally stopping the process and saying, ‘I’m going to leave the door open for an awakening.’ But it’s not the awakening we were looking for. We’re looking for a religious, ecstatic experience. What God is doing is awakening us to taking territory and occupying it aggressively against the forces trying to disciple America from a sheep nation into a goat nation.”