Pro-Trump Pastor: Obama And Clinton Pushing Satan’s Globalist Agenda

Darrell Scott, a Cleveland pastor who recently hosted Donald Trump at his church, appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” today to talk about why Trump must defeat Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

When Bakker claimed—falsely—that President Obama “gave away the internet,” Scott said that both Obama and Clinton are pushing “the globalism agenda.” This agenda, he said, is promoted by none other than Satan:

President Obama is a globalist, Hillary Clinton is a globalist and they want to reduce America to secondary status and make America on the same level as another Third World country or any of the European countries, not realizing that the reduction of America does not result in the increase of the other countries. As America goes, so goes the world. So by dumbing America down, it does not upgrade the other countries. We have to maintain our status and accelerate ourselves because the higher America goes, the higher the world goes. So him trying to level this playing field and putting us on par with the other nations of the world, no, that’s not God’s plan, that’s not God’s agenda, that’s an agenda straight from the enemy.