Michael Savage: President Obama And Hillary Clinton Make Me Lose Faith In God

Conservative talk show host Michael Savage told his listeners earlier this week why he goes “in and out of my belief in God,” explaining that the political success of President Obama and Hillary Clinton have made him doubt that God exists.

“I go in and out of it lately,” Savage said. “When I see what Obama gets away with and what Hillary gets away with, I lose my faith.”

Savage brought up his Obama-induced struggles with faith while talking about the problems facing the white working poor, saying that they, along with poor black families, were destroyed by the “‘60s hippies generation,” “the welfare state” and “a loss of God.”

However, Savage is sure that if God exists, he would definitely be a right-winger. While attacking Judge Merrick Garland, Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Savage said that all liberals are “radical” and are never moderates.

“Who do you fear most: the vast right-wing conspiracy or the vast left-wing conspiracy?” he asked. “My answer was, if you analyze both sides of the equation, you will come to see the right wing supports God, country, family, the military and has far higher moral standards than the left. The left operates specifically to undermine God, country, family and the military. The left uses the courts to undermine the popular will. What they cannot gain through the ballot box, they gain through the gavels.”

“So my friends, if God could vote, he’d be a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.”