Phillip Jauregui Asks God to Give Christian Conservatives Control Over the ‘Triple Crown of Government’

The One Voice Prayer Movement, a religious-right prayer effort founded by presidential spiritual adviser Paula White for the purpose of getting President Donald Trump reelected in November, held a prayer call yesterday during which right-wing activist Phillip Jauregui asked God to give conservative Christians control over the “triple crown” of government: Congress, the White House, and the judiciary.

Jauregui founded the Judicial Action Group, leads Bible studies on Capitol Hill on behalf of Jim Garlow’s Well Versed Ministry, and served as Roy Moore’s attorney during his 2017 bid for the Senate. Yesterday, he closed out the prayer call by asking that God would give their movement total control over the government.

“We ask you Lord for the triple crown of government,” Jauregui prayed. “There have been seasons where we had the executive but didn’t have the legislative. There have been seasons where we had both of those. There has never been a season, at least in two generations, that we had the third branch, which is the court.”

“Father, would you give us all three branches of government?” he continued. “Not for a party, but for your glory. Officers who love you, who fear you, who honor you, and who rule according to your ways. Lord, we ask you for that boldly, but it’s not for our joy or for our kingdom, it’s for your kingdom and your glory.”