Paula White’s One Voice Prayer Movement Praises God for Trump Judges, Republican Courts

Paula White prays at rally launching Trump's re-election campaign, June 18, 2019

The One Voice Prayer Movement started this month by Paula White, a recently appointed White House aide and longtime spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, posted a message on its website Thursday instructing supporters to praise God for the Senate confirmation of judges that are flipping federal appeals courts to Republican majorities, fulfilling “the president’s promise to remake the federal judiciary with a conservative bent.”

“This is a praise!” the message reads. “Keep praying for good appointments to be confirmed, and thank God for the commitment President Trump has to quality judicial appointments.”

In fact, Trump has nominated—and Republican senators have confirmed—a record number of judges deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association or whose ideological extremism should have prevented their confirmation. People For the American Way—of which Right Wing Watch is a project—has been documenting the harmful impact of Trump-nominated judges on Americans’ rights and legal protections in its “Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears” series.

This week’s message from the One Voice Prayer Movement, which initially claimed to be nonpartisan, strikes a brazenly partisan tone:

Mike Davis, president of The Article III Project which backs Mr. Trump’s judicial nominees, said it’s important for the president to flip the federal appeals courts so when cases that decide binding law for the circuit are heard by the full panel of active judges, Republicans are at an advantage. “As you see President Trump flip these critically important federal circuit courts and transform the judiciary, it reminds Republicans and conservatives why elections matter,” Mr. Davis said.

The One Voice Prayer Movement website, whose logo features an image of the White House, describes the movement this way:

The goal of One Voice Prayer Movement is to unite the Body of Christ to pray for God’s values to be expressed through government and the nation (John 17). Prayer ministries, networks, leaders, and intercessors are all invited to participate and are key to creating the unified voice of prayer as we seek God’s direction and calling for our nation.

As Right Wing Watch reported, among those participating in White’s pro-Trump prayer effort are Dave Kubal, who runs a similar effort for Intercessors for America, and Trump-promoting dominionists Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs. The group’s first call portrayed Donald Trump’s opponents as being in league with Satan.