JAG’s Phillip Jauregui: Barrett Is God’s Anointed, Kavanaugh A ‘Usurper’ Out To Steal God’s SCOTUS Seat

Judicial Action Group President Phillip Jauregui told more than 1,000 prayer warriors on Friday afternoon that Amy Coney Barrett is God’s chosen candidate for the vacant Supreme Court seat and that Brett Kavanaugh—widely reported to be among President Trump’s finalists—has been revealed by God to be a usurper.

Jauregui’s claims came on the monthly prayer call sponsored by Intercessors for America, a group that encourages conservative Christians to pray for public officials and to get involved in political campaigns. Jauregui began speaking more generally about the importance of a nominee with a demonstrably “conservative constitutionalist” judicial philosophy, saying that Republican presidents have made mistakes with about half their nominees over the past 40 years.

He said that while President Trump has a list of 25 potential nominees, God’s list has only one name on it. “That’s the only one that we’ll settle for,” he said, “not second best, not someone who’s merely good.” Jauregui asked God to do whatever it takes—including waking up Trump, Melania, and Mike and Karen Pence in the middle of the night and sending angels their way—to keep them from settling on the wrong nominee.

IFA’s Dave Kubal asked him to get more specific. During the vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia, Jauregui said, God revealed to them a candidate who needed to be stopped, and was. This time, he said, God has revealed both the one who has been called and the one who would be a Judas and an Absalom. (In the Bible, Judas was the disciple who betrayed Jesus; Absalom was King David’s third son who was killed after he tried to usurp his father’s throne.)

God has revealed Barrett to be the anointed one, he said, and Kavanaugh is Absalom. Jauregui said that God has provided multiple confirmations, and he’s as sure of God’s will on this as he is about anything right now:

There is a sun in the sky, and I believe God’s spoken. And I believe he’s shown us that the Absalom—and I don’t say this lightly and I don’t say it with one bit of malice or hatred in my heart—but I believe that the Absalom is Brett Kavanaugh. He’s not the one that God has chosen. He’s not. And I believe that the one who is chosen is Amy Coney Barrett.

Kubal cited a Bible verse—Ephesians 3:10—saying that it was God’s intent for the church to make the wisdom of God known to “the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.” He asked people to pray that God’s wisdom would be made known so that God’s choice would “rule and reign.”

“That is the Father’s seat,” Jauregui prayed, referring to the court vacancy. “It’s His court. It’s His place. He’s taking it back. It’s Your seat, Father.”

And he had a warning for Kavanaugh:

And so we say, Absalom, you cannot have it, in the name of Jesus.  And you should better leave right now. The longer you stick around, you endanger yourself by opposing God Almighty. And I’m speaking to the spirit, not even the person, the camp, the spirit of Absalom, that would try to usurp, and STEAL the throne from the anointed one. You can’t have it. We bind you, spirit of Absalom, in the name of Jesus, and we tell you, get out now or you will be destroyed. You can leave or be destroyed. Those are your choices, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

And to Barrett, “the anointed one,” he said, “come on down, beloved, come on down. You’re the one that God loves.” The name “Amy,” he said, means “beloved” and said prophets have been praying for the Lord’s beloved for a long time.

“Lord, we ask you in the name of Jesus, would you please let us see President Trump and Amy Coney Barrett Monday night, glorifying you.”

Jauregui did issue a bit of a disclaimer at the end, saying that if they had misinterpreted God’s will, they would want His will to be done rather than to be right.

Jauregui is an allied attorney of the Alliance Defending Freedom, according to JAG’s website. He also provided content for IFA’s guide to praying for judges who fear God and will uphold His laws.

The IAF call began with a recorded message from Christian-nation “historian” David Barton, who cited Founding Father Benjamin Rush in saying that July 4 should be commemorated as a religious holiday with acts of devotion celebrating the principles that Jesus Christ brought to America during its founding. Barton prayed that people would exercise their responsibilities and asked that God would “help us take stewardship and ownership of this nation.”

Also speaking before Jauregui was Allan Parker, president of The Justice Foundation, who served as legal counsel for Norma McCorvey—the “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade—when she later sought to overturn the ruling. Parker declared that the Supreme Court nomination “is about Roe v. Wade, in the spirit and in the natural.” He said that “the Supreme Court has been used to break the covenant we had with God” but that this is a moment for Americans to return to God, who would then return to America.

Parker was the first speaker to take a shot at Kavanaugh, calling him “the establishment, Washington, D.C., insider candidate.” But that was tame compared to what Jauregui had in store.