Perry Atkinson Doubts That Rep. Ilhan Omar Can ‘Ever Really Be an American’

Perry Atkinson, president of TheDove Media and host of its program, “Focus Today,” interviewed radical anti-Islam activist John Guandolo yesterday, where Atkinson wondered if a Muslim immigrant like Rep. Ilhan Omar can “ever really be an American.”

“Islam teaches a hatred for Jews and Christians,” Guandolo said. “Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, have never misquoted Islamic doctrine in furtherance of their actions and, quite frankly, this is what you get when somebody gets elected to be a member of Congress. You get a seditious traitor.”

“Can a Representative Omar, being a Muslim in favor of Sharia law, ever really be an American?” Atkinson asked.

“Our system opens our door to all who would come here who are people of good will and who want to adhere to our laws and our legal system,” Guandolo replied. “Ilhan Omar is not one of those people. She’s incapable of fulfilling her oath of office and she should be removed from office.”