John Guandolo: Outlaw Islam and Charge Ilhan Omar With Treason

On Monday night, disgraced former FBI agent and anti-Islam conspiracy theorist John Guandolo appeared on the Truth & Liberty Coalition’s weekly livestream program, where he declared that Islamic religious practices should be completely outlawed in America and that Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, should be charged with treason.

Guandolo is a radical right-wing activist who trains law enforcement agencies around the country to identify seemingly anyone with dark skin and a beard as an Islamic terrorist, and who has long insisted that non-Christians should be barred from holding public office and that critics of President Trump should be tried and executed for treason.

Guandolo was asked by Richard Harris, host of the webcast and head of Charis Bible College’s School of Practical Government, how the United States should go about crafting public policies that allow “peaceful Muslims” to live and work in this country while keeping out violent radicals who may pose a threat.

“At the risk of going too far, because the problem we normally have when you talk about solutions to an audience that does fully understand the problem, the solutions may sound a bit harsh,” Guandolo replied. “But I will tell you, we’re on the precipice of losing the war.”

Guandolo’s recommended “solution” is for the government to outlaw any “public display of Sharia adherence,” which means no public calls to prayer, no mosques, no minarets, and no wearing burkas or hijabs, among other things.

“Outlaw all of that,” he said. “Because Sharia in and of itself is a system that is seditious and if you’re in public office like Ilhan Omar, you are committing treason for what she’s doing. She’s treasonous. Yes, read my lips: Treason! And she should be charged for it.”