Paul McGuire Warns Christians Who Oppose Trump Will Not Get Into Heaven

Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, authors of the book, “Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon,” appeared on the podcast hosted by radical right-wing commentator and crackpot conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky yesterday, where McGuire warned that Christians who don’t support President Trump will not get into heaven due to their cowardice.

“We strongly believe that God has a plan for America in the Last Days,” McGuire said. “We believe that Trump won miraculously. He took on the invisible government that controls America and they didn’t expect it and he won. And ever since he won, and even before he won, he has been attacked 24/7 like no other president in American history, basically he has been attacked like no other world leader in human history.”

McGuire said that it is “obvious to people that are in the highest levels of witchcraft or Luciferianism and the deep state [and] it’s obvious to the occult globalist elite” that Trump represents a dire “threat to their plan for a global government and a global economy and a new world order,” which is why “all hell is targeted against him.”

“I’m kind of perplexed how Christians can’t get it,” he added. “If everyone who, in many cases, openly hate the Gospel, openly hate Christ, if they’re all in alliance to tear down a man … [who is] a spiritual threat to the Kingdom of Darkness, what’s the problem with God’s people in not recognizing that God is using Donald Trump?”

McGuire went on to assert that “God gave us Donald Trump as a representation of a divine delay in judgment and a reprieve” and that it is now up to Christians to boldly take advantage of the opportunity that God has given this nation, warning that “one of the greatest sins in the Bible … is the sin of cowardice.”

“The book of Revelation lists all these sins that could potentially keep people out of heaven,” he said, “but the number one sin in that list of sins in the book of Revelation is cowardice. Now, what part of being a coward do God’s people not know? Cowardice, when there is wrong being done and the satanic forces of evil—let’s talk about human sex trafficking, OK? This is a global business that the elite are running, selling the bodies of little boys and little girls and then torturing them for pleasure … Do you think God is pleased with his people standing idly by and doing basically nothing about it?”

“Right now, God has given us a divine opportunity,” McGuire proclaimed. “The Lord is calling each believer in Jesus Christ, every man and woman who is born again, the Holy Spirit is calling those people now … to do what Christ demands that we do and not surrender our nation over to the forces of evil, but to occupy, in faith, the land that God has given us. And if we do this, this is why God gave us Trump—the guy should have never been elected, according to worldly standards, but he has become a champion for God’s people and God’s people need to get smarter.”